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Death Of A Nightmare Hoodie

Death Of A Nightmare Hoodie


Putting a syringe on this hoodie is empowering for me. This object used to control my life when paired with whatever i was addicted to at the time. As an addict in recovery, i've changed my life and can now own up to the mistakes i've made. I have grown past the shame of being an addict. I can put it all on a hoodie and wear that shit around.


I started my first collection with this piece because to me it symbolizes death, rebirth, awareness and vigilance.


  • Details

    Generous fit.

    Independent blanks (very comfy, high quality)

    Designed in 3D, transferred to 2D graphic.

  • Availability

    Very Limited Inventory

  • Disclaimer

    Hand Screenprinted in house.

    There may be imperfections such as small ink smudges or inconsistency in the screenprint. Please contact us for a return & refund if the hoodie isn't to your liking!

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