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Dwisenhower's Lore (summarized)

Feels weird writing this out myself but i guess i'll tell ya a bit about what Dwisenhower is.

I started Dwisenhower shortly after getting out of rehab for the 4-6th sometime in 2017. I was drawn to music and visual arts and wanted to create a life that revolved around the mediums. As i grew my foundation in recovery, I was able to invest my time (away from my day job) into learning business and creating in new ways.

I did bookings for free, networked, built relationships my clients and all that good stuff until i was able to take the leap of faith into full time freelancing. To this day I've never stopped my recovery, my commitment to art, or my curiosity of new ways to express myself.

Years of working with small businesses and large corporations has taught me ALOT about business and i've begun to see where i fit into all this. Along with working for other brands, i have learned how to start my own. Same name, same lore.

That's the short version of what Dwisenhower is.

Hard Jewelry
Hard Jewelry
Midnight DSTR
Camp Complx X Cool Kicks
Camp Complx
Hard Jewelry
Mercenary Q
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